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May 2014

“It’s End of Life Jim, but not as we know it” – The Demise of Tape

While in the blogosphere the debate over tape’s demise is still raging, I believe the ‘Alive and kicking’ fraction is winning, everyday storage users are working out strategies to deal with the dreaded End-of-life announcements by vendors. End-of-life announcements related to tape storage like IBM’s 3480/3490 and the StorageTek T9840D tape drive are a reminder of the time and effort we spend on keeping our data secure and in a …Read More

Tape regains its cool factor

We have seen the tape market decline for several years now and it is trending toward withering to a niche solution. In the last decade tape lost much favour for backup applications, being replaced by the combination of HDD/SSD storage and de-duplication. But what a massive niche! Tape is ideal for long term archiving of enormous amounts of data whilst providing decent access times from huge energy efficient libraries, with …Read More

Broken screen on phone or tablet: how to get to the data?

Nowadays our smartphones and tablet PCs are great: small, light, practical and portable. But they are so easy to break; a metre’s fall to the floor is often more than enough for the screen to break, and a broken screen on a tactile display is pretty serious. Even if it’s possible to repair the screen, it can be quite time consuming and sometimes even more expensive than the device itself. …Read More

Encrypted hard drive recovery times drastically reduced

Software engineers at data recovery leader Kroll Ontrack have developed a new technology that can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to recover encrypted hard drives with a logical or physical failure – a key development in light of the growing number of cyber threats that are driving the adoption of encrypted drives. The company’s new automated decryption technology allows engineers to target only areas of the hard …Read More

Data Recovery Basics: The World’s First Data Recovery

Almost 30 years have gone by since Kroll Ontrack performed the world’s first successful commercial data recovery.  How this significant milestone was reached can be traced back to 1985, when a company named Ontrack Computer Systems built a software program called Disk Manager®, which made it easy to install a computer hard disk. Humble beginnings At the time, due to operating system and BIOS constraints, computers weren’t able to maximise …Read More

RAID 5 data recovery for tropical resort

When Uprising Beach Resort in Fiji experienced a problem with their RAID configured server, they knew that they had to act quickly. Uprising Beach Resort’s IBM server with a RAID 5 comprising of 5 SCSI hard drives failed. When the hard drives arrived at the Brisbane cleanroom it was found that one of the mirrored operating drives had failed with internal mechanical faults. The second OS was also reporting bad …Read More

Recovered lost images for Brisbane photographer

Damien Bredberg is one of Australia’s most sought after professional photographers. A specialist in commercial and advertising photography, he has been producing international award winning images for over a decade. On completion of each project his clients are provided with a portfolio of the final high quality images. Bredberg then archives all material associated with the project on one of three external hard drives and creates backups for extra safety. …Read More

Tape disaster strikes in Christchurch earthquake

In February 2011 an animator got up from his desk to return the company’s animation LTO tape to its secure data storage safe.  The tape held all of the company’s animation output for the past twelve months. As the animator approached the data safe he realised that other staff and a client were working nearby. Rather than intrude he placed the tape on top of the safe and decided to …Read More

Recovering files from a hard drive with Ontrack EasyRecovery

The members of the Kroll Ontrack customer service team see it every day: Many computer users call and need after an unexpected loss of data urgently advice. Often it comes out quickly in the conversation that the professional help of data recovery specialist is not necessary. Because if the hard disk or the USB flash drive is not physically damaged and can still be accessed on the original file structure …Read More