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June 2014

HDD crashes more than doubled in the last four years

HDD crashes more than doubled in the last four years, remaining the most common cause of data loss according to customer data* collected by Kroll Ontrack. When asked about the causes of their most recent data losses, 65 percent of Australians surveyed noted that their most recent data loss came from a desktop or laptop hard drive, followed by SSD (16 percent), tablet/smart phone (12 percent) and RAID/virtual services (7 …Read More

Data Loss in the Virtual Environment is Very Real (2)

In the last post we explained why the virtual environment is not immune to data loss and gave some real life examples of the problems that can occur. This time, we are going to pass on some advice from Tim Black, Kroll Ontrack’s Senior Lab Engineer specialising in VMware, about how to respond to some of the more common virtual environment scenarios. Problem: Deleted or Missing Virtual Machine/VMDK The first …Read More

Data Loss in the Virtual Environment is Very Real (1)

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but last year, research by Kroll Ontrack showed that 40 per cent of companies with virtual environments have experienced data loss. I have no doubt this news will come as a surprise to many readers because the same research found that 80 per cent of respondents didn’t believe data loss could be a risk when data is stored in a virtual environment. Big mistake. …Read More

Dark Data on Corporate Tapes

Dark data is the everyday operational data generated by companies as they go about their business. Defined by Gartner as the “information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purpose”, it includes log files and archives that are never analysed or monetised. They just exist as a compliance measure, usually stored on legacy tapes, waiting for the day when they …Read More