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June 2015

ISO 27018 – Adding Trust in Cloud Storage

The purpose of the ISO/IEC 27XXX family is to standardise the use of information technology. The ISO 27018 – that Microsoft claims to be the first one with certification on its Azure platform – is dedicated to Cloud services. What are the new standards? What does that involve? What does it mean? The standardisation of cloud storage seems to be almost impossible, yet, it is a question of methodology. One …Read More

The Pros and Cons of Database Virtualisation

Businesses have been steadily increasing the virtualisation of desktop applications, servers, and storage, so it should be no surprise that virtualising databases offers some undeniable advantages. In addition to less physical hardware, savings in energy, and simplifying the management of databases, virtualisation proves particularly well for very resource hungry applications, such as CRM or ERP systems. Benefits include: Live migration: Virtual databases can be migrated from one physical server to …Read More

Advantages and risks of Software Defined Storages (SDS)

In recent years, companies have had to contend with a large increase in data volumes and this trend will continue in the years to come. With each approaching year, more and more data is collected and stored.  According to a study conducted by EMC, our digital universe is growing 40 per cent a year into the next decade.  Just think about how much data you collect and store today versus five years …Read More