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July 2015

Windows Server 2003 Extended Support Ends July 14

On July 14th Microsoft will end the extended support for Windows Server 2003.  From this point on,there will no longer be security updates or patches for the product.  This not only affects Windows Server 2003, but also Windows Server 2003 R2 and Small Business Server 2003/2003 R2.  Experts warn that new hacking tools may be able to take advantage of previously undiscovered vulnerabilities in the operating system, potentially acting as …Read More

ISO 27018: Cloud Quality and Control

Among main characteristics of the ISO 27018 standard, there are those which require Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to allow users to control the quality of services for their data. The reporting given by the CSP gives interesting pieces of information about tools which are set up to enable this type of control. Currently, there are not a lot of cloud platforms which comply with ISO 27018, the ones that do …Read More