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September 2015

Data Breach and Cyber Attacks – what implications does that have for companies?

A data breach or a breach of data security is an incident in which sensitive, proprietary or confidential information is viewed, stolen or used by unauthorised third parties. This form of crime can both cause damage of property for example, sabotaging computer systems.  It can also lead to a violation of property rights, such as theft of source codes, customer data or other information. In addition, it could affect whole …Read More

Data Storage Reliability – What to Choose so You Don’t Regret it Later

It goes without saying that the amount of data we create is continually increasing. Methods of storing it are numerous and hard drive manufacturers are tempting us with greater capacity, speed, and – for a change – lower prices. So what storage medium should you choose? What are the Choices? Optical Storage Hard Disk and Solid State Drives Flash Memory Cloud Services Magnetic Tape Optical Storage Just a few years …Read More