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What Kind of Data Monster are You?

We all have a little data monster lurking inside us. Do you store every family photo ever taken? Maybe that extensive music library “defines you.” Or your livelihood depends on those precious business documents. We all use data, but what is it worth? What would you be risking if it was lost? Based on our history, we have created a data calculator which shows personal value, effort to build and cost in order to estimate data risk.

World Backup Day

Combat your inner data monster on World Backup Day, March 31st. How are you protecting your data?

Kroll Ontrack recently conducted a survey of customers who had purchased data recovery service within the last 6 months. In Australia we found:

  • 35% of respondents did not have a backup solution in place at the time of their loss
  • 65% had a backup solution in place, but it was not functioning properly
  • After their loss, only 15% did not have a data backup solution in place

Data is valuable, most of the time it is priceless. Kroll Ontrack has several methods for recovering your data, just in case the monster gets the best of you. Let Kroll Ontrack be the backup for your backup.