Live Demonstrations and Educational Seminars

Learn more from our technical specialists on the latest developments in the IT Industry


Experts from NetApp and Kroll Ontrack join together to discuss:

  • Case Study: Ransomware Attack
  • NetApp Data ONTAP and WAFL overview
  • NetApp’s industry leading, built-in, data protection capabilities and application integration
  • Kroll Ontrack Enterprise Storage Recovery Capabilities

Join Kroll Ontrack on for an intriguing discussion about tape storage including:

  • Common tape storage scenarios and solutions
  • Steps you can take to minimize stress and time when working with tape storage
  • What to do if you need to recover, restore or identify tape media data

SSDs are increasing in popularity for home and business use. Learn about the technology behind them and explore the question "Are SSDs more reliable than HDDs?"


The popularity of SSD and Flash technology is increasing. Companies are integrating flash and SSD drives into their business solution portfolios and consumer products to increase product performance and portability. This new technology is fundamentally different from a standard hard drive from construction of the drive to how the data is stored. These differences require a new approach to data recovery.

Join Allison Boerum, Key Account Manager, Data & Storage Technologies and Steven Hruska, Hardware Research & Development Engineer from Kroll Ontrack to learn about:

  • Technology behind Flash/SSD drives
  • How Kroll Ontrack succeeds in recovering data from these devices
  • Tips for protecting your data and preventing loss