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ISO 27018: Cloud Quality and Control

Among main characteristics of the ISO 27018 standard, there are those which require Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to allow users to control the quality of services for their data. The reporting given by the CSP gives interesting pieces of information about tools which are set up to enable this type of control. Currently, there are not a lot of cloud platforms which comply with ISO 27018, the ones that do …Read More

ISO 27018 – Adding Trust in Cloud Storage

The purpose of the ISO/IEC 27XXX family is to standardise the use of information technology. The ISO 27018 – that Microsoft claims to be the first one with certification on its Azure platform – is dedicated to Cloud services. What are the new standards? What does that involve? What does it mean? The standardisation of cloud storage seems to be almost impossible, yet, it is a question of methodology. One …Read More

Using SMART Tools to Predict HDD Failure

In our previous blog, MTBF: Hard drive failure prediction?, we noted that the best-known methods for predicting hard disk drive (HDD) failure aren’t exactly scientific. Grinding and thrashing noises are a reliable indicator that a HDD is about to fail, for example, but that’s not very comforting when your drives are sitting out of earshot in a remote data centre. Using a metric called Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for …Read More

MTBF: Hard drive failure prediction?

At Kroll Ontrack, we’re well aware that data loss can affect anyone. For many of us, it comes in the form of hard disk drive (HDD) failure; mechanical and electronic defects that render the information stored therein unreadable. There are dozens of possible causes for this type of malfunction, ranging from logical software errors to physical damage. We can’t forget to mention that all storage devices have a finite lifespan. …Read More

The Internet of Things and Storage of Everything

The future is made of intelligent objects and…data The fact that the amount of digital data that surrounds us is constantly increasing is not new. As we go throughout our day each of us produces a trail of new data along the way. Not only do we create data on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. Every social media update, text message, email, YouTube comment and …Read More

NetApp: The Importance of Trust

Author: Mike Scanlin, Information Assurance Program Manager, NetApp, Inc. NetApp understands the importance of security. “Trust but verify” is the foundation for NetApp’s position as the #1 provider of data storage and management to the U.S. Federal government. Corporations and agencies in Energy, Financial, Healthcare, and Government sectors trust NetApp because of our longstanding commitment to security certifications and verified security capabilities. In 2005, NetApp became the first storage provider …Read More