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Dark Data on Corporate Tapes

Dark data is the everyday operational data generated by companies as they go about their business. Defined by Gartner as the “information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purpose”, it includes log files and archives that are never analysed or monetised. They just exist as a compliance measure, usually stored on legacy tapes, waiting for the day when they …Read More

“It’s End of Life Jim, but not as we know it” – The Demise of Tape

While in the blogosphere the debate over tape’s demise is still raging, I believe the ‘Alive and kicking’ fraction is winning, everyday storage users are working out strategies to deal with the dreaded End-of-life announcements by vendors. End-of-life announcements related to tape storage like IBM’s 3480/3490 and the StorageTek T9840D tape drive are a reminder of the time and effort we spend on keeping our data secure and in a …Read More

Tape regains its cool factor

We have seen the tape market decline for several years now and it is trending toward withering to a niche solution. In the last decade tape lost much favour for backup applications, being replaced by the combination of HDD/SSD storage and de-duplication. But what a massive niche! Tape is ideal for long term archiving of enormous amounts of data whilst providing decent access times from huge energy efficient libraries, with …Read More

Tape disaster strikes in Christchurch earthquake

In February 2011 an animator got up from his desk to return the company’s animation LTO tape to its secure data storage safe.  The tape held all of the company’s animation output for the past twelve months. As the animator approached the data safe he realised that other staff and a client were working nearby. Rather than intrude he placed the tape on top of the safe and decided to …Read More