Nov 30 2017

Identity for Sale

A recent Kroll Ontrack security study shows people too often fail to properly erase personal data in used drives, putting their own and others’ identity and privacy at risk.
Oct 25 2017

Kroll Ontrack presents new release of Ontrack® EasyRecovery™ with enhanced features for Windows® and MacOS®

Apr 11 2017

Kroll Ontrack offers ransomware victims alternative solutions to paying the ransom

Mar 30 2017

Survey: Users lose data despite backup

Feb 21 2017

Erased but not forgotten

Feb 9 2017

Kroll Ontrack Shares Data Loss Realities from 2016 Data Loss Index

Jul 15 2015

Kroll Ontrack achieves industry breakthrough by retrieving data from overwritten LTO-6 tape cartridges

Nov 19 2014

Kroll Ontrack announces the worst data disasters from 2014

Kroll Ontrack announced its 12th annual list of the top 10 data disasters from 2014. For the last 12 years, Kroll Ontrack has been collecting and publishing a list of the toughest physical and logical failures from its offices around the globe.
Sep 2 2014

Kroll Ontrack improves Apple mobile device data recovery success by 60 percent

Aug 14 2014

Kroll Ontrack announces new version of its proprietary Remote Data Recovery service

Aug 6 2014

Accidental deletion top cause for email restoration requests

Jul 29 2014

Ontrack Data Recovery specialists successfully recover virtual machines from VMware’s first policy-driven storage solution

Jul 25 2014

Kroll Ontrack announces data recovery capabilities for VMware Virtual SAN

Jun 12 2014

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) crashes remain the leading cause of data loss in Australia

May 29 2014

Kroll Ontrack expands its support for externalized storage and shredded files to StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimizer

May 15 2014

Kroll Ontrack warns that keeping your dark data (tapes) in good standing requires a strategy beyond hope

Apr 11 2014

Kroll Ontrack and Blancco form strategic alliance to offer expanded data erasure solutions

Mar 27 2014

Survey: More people back up their data in 2014, but still lose it

Feb 19 2014

Data recovery and data migration services are key drivers of business growth for resellers in 2014

Feb 12 2014

Technology Breakthrough Cuts Industry’s Data Recovery Time on Encrypted Hard Drives from Days to Hours

Feb 12 2014


Jan 22 2014

Kroll Ontrack addresses externalized content storage – including shredded files – and live mailbox collection with Ontrack PowerControls 7.1