13 June 2002

Ontrack on the case for legal documents

~ expands electronic data discovery service into UK ~

Critical electronic documents that have been lost or filed as a matter of course can be difficult to find in the run-up to legal action. These can be particularly useful in cases of civil litigation, employment tribunals and mergers & acquisitions. Being able to retrieve the relevant data and ensure it is in a readable format means solicitors can increase the strength of their argument.

Lawyers using the service call on Ontrack experts to sift through and eliminate up to 95% of irrelevant electronic documents. They are also able to discover useful files that have been hidden, deleted or altered. Ontrack’s technicians are provided with specific search criteria – such as dates or a key word – and trawl through the data to find only the documents, emails and attachments that are relevant. This means solicitors can save time and money by not having to look through mountains of irrelevant documents to find those that are needed for a case.

“Recent research found that 93% of corporate documents are created electronically, yet only 30% of these are ever migrated to paper,” said Todd Johnson, general manager at Ontrack Europe. “This means there is an increasing need for easy, cost-effective and dedicated data retrieval services, particularly within the legal sector. Our solution enables solicitors to find the relevant information they need quickly, to conduct cases more efficiently.”

Ontrack’s electronic discovery service can also help police and government agencies by producing evidence for use in prosecutions. It obtains the data, whether deleted or destroyed, and follows specific legal processes to produce admissible evidence.

“Ontrack’s technology is particularly useful for multi-agency investigations, where different investigators need to work on the same body of evidence from different locations,” said Adrian Palmer, electronic evidence business manager at Ontrack. “Our offering includes a tool that allows investigators to review, make notes on, and search a centralised store of electronic evidence, from any office in the world.”

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