24 January 2002

Ontrack expands data recovery services throughout Europe

~ launches in Poland, Italy and Switzerland ~

Ontrack, the provider of data availability software and service solutions, is broadening its European presence by adding data recovery capabilities in Italy, Poland and Switzerland to its global portfolio.

Following its success in other European countries including the UK, France, Germany and Spain, the company plans to take advantage of new markets and the growth in PC use.

According to IDC, the PC market in central and Eastern Europe grew 12.5% in 2000. Ontrack’s research also shows that PC sales in Poland increased almost 25% between 1998 and 2000. Through a licensed partnership with MBM in Katowice, Poland, Ontrack is the first company to offer data recovery services in this area. Companies and individuals will be able to retrieve data lost through hardware corruption, natural disasters and severe software failure.

Ontrack is offering data recovery services in Milan, Italy following the acquisition of Milan-based Blacker S.r.l, and also in Switzerland, where the company acquired Blacker SA.

“As the leading data recovery company in the world, Ontrack’s growth in the this market will come largely through geographic expansion,” said Todd Johnson, general manager of Ontrack Europe. “Both our in-lab and remote data recovery services have been very successful across Europe, and we wanted to take advantage of new markets and the opportunities they offer by extending our high-quality and competitive offering to the Polish, Italian and Swiss markets. Our ongoing research and development means users will benefit from the latest techniques to solve their data loss dilemmas.”