26 November 2002

Kroll Ontrack warns: UK solicitors lag behing US rivals

~ research reveals British firms fall behind Americans due to archaic processes ~

November 26, 2002

City solicitors are less effective than their American rivals because they fail to use cost-effective and efficient IT solutions.

The recent AmLaw Tech survey found that over 60% of US firms use electronic evidence services. They store and search through disclosure lists electronically, rather than employing the man-hour hungry process of trawling through documents by hand. This means they boost efficiency. In comparison, such processes are almost unheard of in the UK. As a result, American solicitors are better-equipped to ride the current downturn in the economy and retain their market position.

In response to this, Kroll Ontrack is advising UK firms to follow the example of their US counterparts and consider all technologies at their disposal. This would help them cut costs for clients and as a result, win more tenders for outsourced legal work. It would also enable them to win more cases and/or settle earlier.

"At present, the main barrier to UK law firms reducing costs is simply education," said Todd Johnson, general manager at Kroll Ontrack. "While electronic evidence services are used extensively in the US, UK firms still haven't realised the benefits they can bring. Instead, they rely on archaic and impractical means that are forcing them to pay over the odds for a task that is neither gratifying for staff, nor efficient."


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